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Brief on Atelier M

The uniquely spectacular concept of Atelier M was born in October 2013, in the heart of, Dubai Marina, Pier 7.

Mohammad Islam, Atelier M's founder and head chef, created the concept after international success in the field of luxury, dining and hospitality.

Take the lift to the 7th floor of Pier 7 and indulge in an intimate, relaxed setting with breath-taking views over the Dubai Marina and it's landmark skyline.

Atelier M today became a true defender of fine Mediterranean cuisine.

Inspired by traditional family recipes from across the Mediterranean, Atelier M adds it’s contemporary twist and brings you a brunch to satisfy the palate of all food lovers.

Address of Atelier M

UAE UAE :: Dubai Emirate \ New Dubai District \ Dubai Marina - inside Pier 7 - 7th Floor

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