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Brief on Filful Restaurant Dubai

Welcome to filful, Beirut Street food!

Enjoy an authentic taste of Lebanese food inspired by the popular street food restaurants of Beirut!

Beirut Streets are overflowing with tasty and full of flavor common foods, and filul is the hip and chic envoy bringing this unique savory to the exceptional GCC market, that will break new grounds with its superb concept.

Once you step into filful’s world, the modern and old fusion panorama guarantees you’re in to an original realm.

The blends and mixtures of the scenery, the specially selected melodies in the background, the elite delectable dishes and the unsullied and zesty Shishas will just ensure you will lounge for hours, and hours.

You see them on the street in the cities of Lebanon. They are the kind of traditional food, catering for the passer-by. Shawarma, Foul wa Hummus, Manakeesh bi Zaatar, Beid bi Awarma...

But the real attraction is the filful or chilli... the strongman of that delectable street food... the one accompaniment that makes all the difference.

You sometimes wonder whether anything will taste the same without it... and it dawns on you that you are probably eating the dishes for the filful.

Allow filful to spice up your life, to give you a taste of the days and nights on the city streets. Wake up to the Mankousheh bi Zaatar, and get ready for a night on the town with the Shawarma sandwich, both with filful, of course, filful-style!

Address of Filful Restaurant Dubai

UAE UAE :: Dubai Emirate \ Beach District \ Al Wasl - inside Box Park Dubai

Contact Info of Filful Restaurant Dubai

Working Hours of Filful Restaurant Dubai

  • Sunday: 24 hours
  • Monday: 24 hours
  • Tuesday: 24 hours
  • Wednesday: 24 hours
  • Thursday: 24 hours
  • Friday: 24 hours
  • Saturday: 24 hours

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