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Brief on Sidon Sea Castle

Sidon's Sea Castle was built by the crusaders in the thirteenth century as a fortress of the holy land.

It is one of the most prominent historical sites in the port city of Sidon, Lebanon.

Today, the castle consists primarily of two towers connected by a wall.

In the outer walls, Roman columns were used as horizontal reinforcements, a feature often seen in fortifications built on or near former Roman sites.

The rectangular west tower to the left of the entrance is the better preserved of the two.

There is a large vaulted room scattered with old carved capitals and rusting cannonballs.

A winding staircase leads up to the roof, where there is a small, domed Ottoman-era mosque.

From the roof, there is a view across the old city and fishing harbor.

The east tower isn't as well preserved and was built in two phases; the lower part dates to the Crusader period, while the upper level was built by the Mamluks.

There has also been evidence of the old Phoenician city being buried under the sea in the area surrounding the castle: structures of walls, columns, stairways, remains of buildings, statues and cisterns.

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Address of Sidon Sea Castle

Lebanon Lebanon :: South Lebanon Governorate \ Saida (Sidon) District \ Saida - Corniche El Baher Road

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