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Brief on Café Libanais Restaurant

Located at Beirut Souks - Al Ajami Square, Café Libanais is a Lebanese Brasserie serving homemade Lebanese food.

At Café Libanais you can taste the freshness and the passion we put into our food by using traditional olive oil, spices, herbs and only the freshest ingredients in all of our platters; whether it is lunch or dinner, you will definitely enjoy the experience.

Our dishes are specially prepared to reflect the distinctive flavors of our culture. From the world-famous Tabboulé & Fattouch to the traditional Hummus & Moutabal, we offer a large selection of delicious menu items that you can choose from. You will be thrilled to savor the best grills, mezza plates and salad bar in town, but you should dig deeper into the delightful and rich menu at this Lebanese standout.

Don’t forget to indulge on our cocktails or ice-cream and be tempted by a divine assortment of traditional desserts like the Osmalieh, Haytalieh or “Rahet el Halkoum bil Bouza” accompanied by a cup of refreshing tea or a Lebanese coffee to settle your mood.

Address of Café Libanais Restaurant

Lebanon Lebanon :: Beirut Governorate \ Port - Downtown Beirut - inside Beirut Souks - Al Ajami Square

Contact Info of Café Libanais Restaurant

Mother Company of Café Libanais Restaurant

Boubess Group - Hamra, Lebanon Boubess Group - Hamra, Lebanon

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