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Brief on Bou Melhem Restaurant Sin El Fil

Our story is that of an everlasting Lebanese tradition that takes form in Lebanese dining! A tradition that our family has relentlessly perpetrated for decades, generation after generation…

It is no secret that sacred Lebanese traditions are almost unfailingly associated to gatherings around never-ending family dining where lavishly varied and exquisitely delectable specialties are served.

Thus, we have grown to value and maintain our traditions by consistently meeting weekly around our family table to enjoy Lebanese dining at its best, with dishes generously prepared with love and mixed with the warmth of Lebanese hospitality.

It wasn’t long before we have become passionate about passing on this culinary joy to the world, and have undertaken the mission to incorporate the real taste of Lebanese dining into every meal.

Thus, in 2012, Bou Melhem was born…

Address of Bou Melhem Restaurant Sin El Fil

Lebanon Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn District \ Sin El Fil - Dimitri El Hayek Street

Contact Info of Bou Melhem Restaurant Sin El Fil

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