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Brief on Cinescape - Fahaheel (Ajial)

Cinescape AJIAL was the first Cinema to open in Fahaheel in the year of 2003 to serve the growing community in the area. With its 4 state of the art cinema screens facilities, it quickly became one of the more visited cinemas due to its convenience and comfort. Located in Ajial Mall in Fahaheel, Cinescape made sure that every movie-goer no matter where they lived had a Cinema within 15-20 minutes away from their home. The Theater has a total capacity level of 1050 seats.

Address of Cinescape - Fahaheel (Ajial)

Kuwait Kuwait :: Ahmadi Governorate \ Fahaheel - inside Ajial - Block 11, Street 57, Ajial Mall

Contact Info of Cinescape - Fahaheel (Ajial)

Other Branches of Cinescape in Fahaheel

Working Hours of Cinescape - Fahaheel (Ajial)

  • Sunday: 3:30pm - 1:00am
  • Monday: 3:30pm - 1:00am
  • Tuesday: 3:30pm - 1:00am
  • Wednesday: 3:30pm - 1:00am (open now)
  • Thursday: 3:30pm - 1:00am
  • Friday: 3:30pm - 1:00am
  • Saturday: 3:30pm - 1:00am

News of Cinescape Kuwait

Photos of Cinescape - Fahaheel (Ajial)

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