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Brief on MBT Rai (Avenues) Branch

The basic idea for the development of MBT physiological footwear was born roughly 3.6 million years ago. At the time, our ancestors began walking upright - not, however, on today's hard, flat surfaces made of asphalt or concrete, but on natural, uneven terrain (i.e. meadows, sand or forest floors). Still today the human loco motor system is designed to move on uneven ground in order to remain healthy - only in this manner is the body continuously placed in a natural state of instability that is compensated for by the muscles. This in turn trains important muscle groups that are otherwise neglected.

The consequences of walking and standing on hard flat surfaces are omnipresent: back problems and joint afflictions. To counteract these problems, MBT developed the anti-shoe. Contrary to conventional shoes, the anti-shoe features a very special sole that creates a natural instability, thus activating important muscle groups. The instability that is so crucial for the human body is emulated by the patented sole construction, making it accessible to everybody that must walk or stand on hard, flat surfaces. You can recognize MBT by its unique, curved sole and its core - the so-called Masai Sensor in the heel.

Address of MBT Rai (Avenues) Branch

Kuwait Kuwait :: Farwaniya Governorate \ Rai - inside Avenues Mall - The Mall, first floor

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Mother Company of MBT Rai (Avenues) Branch

Apparel General Trading Company - Kuwait
Apparel General Trading Company - Kuwait

Sister companies, subsidiary of Apparel General Trading Company

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