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Brief on Safir Hotels Management (SIHM)

Safir International Hotels & Resorts Management Company (SIHM) is located in 8 countries with in Middle East and North Africa region with local insight that comesfrom over 19 years of experience.

Safir Hotels & Resorts Management believes in quality hospitality services and facilities but what makes us different in the hotel management is the genuine interest we show to our guests.

SIHM operating in the hospitality industry, the company's activities include managing, leasing, and developing hotels. SIHM also provides technical assistanceand advisory services, in addition to other hospitality related activities.

Address of Safir Hotels Management (SIHM)

Kuwait Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Bneid Al Gar - inside Safir International - Block 2, Arabian Gulf Street, Mohammad Abed al-Mohsen Al-Khrafi Street crossing Street 79

Mother Company of Safir Hotels Management (SIHM)

Kuwait Hotels Company (KHC)
Kuwait Hotels Company (KHC)

Subsidiaries of Safir Hotels Management (SIHM)

Photos of Safir Hotels Management (SIHM)

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