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Address of Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

Kuwait Kuwait :: Ahmadi Governorate \ Fintas - inside Fintas Co-op - Block 2, Street 15 from Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Hamdan Street, beside Citizen Community Center and Fintas Police station

Contact Info of Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

Other Branches of Sable in Ahmadi Governorate

Mother Company of Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

United Foodstuff Industries Group Company UFIG (KSCC)
United Foodstuff Industries Group Company UFIG (KSCC)

Photos of Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

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Videos of Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

Sable Kuwait - TV Commercial, Ramadan 2015

Sable Advertisement - Sable gathers everyone in Ramadan

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Comments & Review on Sable - Fintas (Co-op)

  • 1 - complaints
    Dear Management,
    Please orient your staff in sable 5th ring road in a a good manner?
    Last night just not the first time we have bad experienced to your filipina staff!
    You are selling good sweets bad it will be bad images because of this ladies who assigned to close your store on 17th feb!

    If you check your camera and if you can listen how she answer back she is so disgusting!
    She should care her job and specially her customers!
    She did the same to my husband too 3 days back!
    Teach her how to deal with her customer and teach her how to respect people!!!!
    We are hoping that you will give action on this

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