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Waterlemon is a boutique juice bar & café concept. A relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, offering fresh fruit and vegetable juices, coffees, teas and a small healthy food menu.

You will be surprised not only by the exceptional food quality but also by the originality of presentation bringing together the boutique juice bar & café concept.

Generally, it is located in concentrated area such as malls or shopping/business centers.

The drinks and the menu will also be seasonal bringing on a constant of fruits and food to the boutique.

Waterlemon will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner specialty cocktails and homemade desserts. You will be assured with exceptional food prepared by equally exceptional specialty chefs and professional fruit and vegetable cocktail bartenders.

Our menu will be divided into four categories (breakfast, salads, sandwiches and main courses)some of the items will be fixed all year long and others will change every season (3 months).

Address of Waterlemon

Kuwait Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Sharq - inside Arraya - Al-Shuhada Street

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Mother Company of Waterlemon

Blends Company - Kuwait
Blends Company - Kuwait

Sister companies, subsidiary of Blends

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