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  • 26 - high school certificate needed
    argad hussein
    hi my name is argad hussein
    i was born in 26/08/1966
    i did my high school in anas ben malik in kitan
    that was in 1986
    i would like to apply for a copy of my high school
    will you send me the copy on my e mail

    thank s

  • 25 - Fee limit for Smart Indian School, Jaleeb
    Vazhappilli Biju
    Please advise me the actual tuition fee limit for Smart Indian School, Jaleeb.
    V. Biju

  • 24 - Summer schedule of closing and opening schools
    Dr Jitendra shete
    Summer 2017 is on there must be cut off time for closure and reopening atleast for children's up to 10 grade. Some of schools are autocratic and function according to their will . They do not care about intense summer and its hazardous health effect on children . I think all schools should close by 1 June and should open after 31 August. Many schools are already having prolong working hours and i believe there should also be day to day time limit in school.

  • 23 - urgent reply pease
    perlita dalisay
    Dear sir, my son is grade 4 (primary).and he is 14 years old, because of 2 years stop,some reason for transferring in other country visa./and staying.and he study in one of indian school.
    i need to know that primary student have a failed, to repeat another year of study.even he is pass for the 3rd term exam, and still i did not see his final grades , even my fees all done pay. and said to me your son is failed, need to see the principal. and when i see the principal , he is very bad manner, even they give us appointment, he is attitude is very worse.even i did not start to talk , he sid go im busy..for what give schedule to meet him. if his manner like that..i need your answer as soon as possible..
    sa lmiya kuwait

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

    Please to be advised, that BVB is a management having two schools under them one IES and other one Smart Indian School. Whereas the school fees are more than 50 % in Smart Indian School. This is too much for parents like us. The Ministry of Education is set a limit for the schools on the increase of school fees.

  • 21 - 1
    Plz give holiday because the roads are blocked due to rain

  • 20 - school fees
    Increase in too much school fees is becoming difficult day by day

  • 19 - increase in school fees
    School fees are rising high every year plztry to make little less as if girls education should be given free

  • 18 - school fees
    Hi! Its a kind request to education dep the DPS school is forcing all the parents to buy books from school itself as if some books v already have plz kind request to the education dep help us v r poor parents anyhow v r managing to pay school fees and now they r pressing us if we do not buy books thy will not gv us the report cards plz help us plz v our kids r crying thy r very tens if the school behave lik this then its a big insult for v poor parents .

    sundata babu
    Sir, good morning . This is Mr.Sundara Babu the teacher of English from Maldives. Basically I am an Indian. I completed my Master degree in English and B.Ed too in English . Recently I've completed TESOL from America TESOL . Coming to my teaching experience, present I am working as a teacher of English in the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Maldives before that I worked in India as teacher of English for more than 10 years . Now I am looking for the best opportunity in overseas . I am a good teacher .I am well disciplined and good at smart teaching that too I am aware of 21st century teaching technics / technology.

    Hence I request you to give me a chance to work with you.


    S undara Babu.
    +919866 803244

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Shweikh

  • 16 - Winter holidays
    Respected Sir,
    Winter temperatures are too low. The children are sick due to the winter and finding it difficult to go to school. Kindly make it strict and send a circular to all Indian schools to give a winter break. God bless you for taking of the little children and their health.
    a parent.

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

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