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    sundata babu
    Sir, good morning . This is Mr.Sundara Babu the teacher of English from Maldives. Basically I am an Indian. I completed my Master degree in English and B.Ed too in English . Recently I've completed TESOL from America TESOL . Coming to my teaching experience, present I am working as a teacher of English in the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Maldives before that I worked in India as teacher of English for more than 10 years . Now I am looking for the best opportunity in overseas . I am a good teacher .I am well disciplined and good at smart teaching that too I am aware of 21st century teaching technics / technology.

    Hence I request you to give me a chance to work with you.


    S undara Babu.
    +919866 803244

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Shweikh

  • 16 - Winter holidays
    Respected Sir,
    Winter temperatures are too low. The children are sick due to the winter and finding it difficult to go to school. Kindly make it strict and send a circular to all Indian schools to give a winter break. God bless you for taking of the little children and their health.
    a parent.

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

  • 15 - Holiday for election
    Is there a holiday tomorrow for Indian schools?!

  • 14 - Field Trip Fees
    It was my understanding that schools cannot charge more than 3KD for a field trip. Atakamul International School sent home field trip permission slips asking for 7KD for a field trip to Kidzania (no meal included). The flat rate for a field trip to Kidzania is 4KD according to a worker from Kidzania. How can the school charge so much more money?

  • 13 - Increase in fees in Indian Schools
    Got a circular from Carmel School regarding the increase in fees approved by the Ministry of Private Education. I just want to know one thing, is the incriment affects from the date of the announcement ? or is it affects for the whole year? I have already paid for the 2 terms. now should i pay the difference for the first and second term ? Only in schools we pay like this. Are we paying the difference for petrol, visa charges, like this ? Please clarify... regards..
    - a parent

  • 12 - Inquiry if the MOE giving order the Philippines International English School tuition fee increment
    All Parents in PIES
    The parents of Philippines International English School would like to ask if it is true that the Ministry of Education are giving order no.: 112/2016 to increase the tuition fees?

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

  • 11 - The Philippines International English School are increase tuition fees
    All Parents in PIES
    The parents of Philippines International English School would like to ask if it is true that the Ministry of Education in kuwait are giving order to increase the tuition fees in PIES?

  • 10 - Transfer Certificate
    my friend moved to Dubai. His kids got transfer certificate from Indian School to get adminission in Dubai. Now they have asked him to get attested the TC by Education Officer in Kuwait.
    Please advise how to proceed this.

  • 9 - Indian schools reopening early in this heat.
    This year some Indian schools are opening on the 21st of august. Children going to school when outside temperatures are around 50°c can be hazardous to health.
    Please inspect and give instructions to these schools.
    Yours sincerely,
    A concerned citizen.

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

  • 8 - High temperature
    Dear sir,indian schools reopening 21st August 2016,these days outside temperature is very
    High,please extend the holidays till the tension normal.
    Thank you,

    Commented on: Ministry of Education - Headquarter

  • 7 - Changing the passing mark after writing the exams and receiving the papers .
    In my school i have heard rumors that the principal is decided to change the passing marks of subjects after writing the exam and getting back out answer sheets. I was wondering weather is it possible for him or her to do so.
    Thank you

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