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Karak Gholam Restaurant - Kuwait

Brief on Karak Gholam Kuwait

Karak is an ancient Indian subcontinent concept that has been carried over the years, its presented in a distinctive manner and made in its own special way with its own unique mixed spices.

Here at Karak Gholam, our concept is to bring that old charm back, but in a modern way that brings together the old and new eras.

The atmosphere of Karak Gholam is unique and is the first of its kind in Kuwait, holding an unrivaled competitive advantage as it is the only café that keeps true to its Indian identity however with a modern twist.

The spacious design of the café seeks to reflect the ambience of comfort and relaxation to make our guests feel at home. It’s the perfect place to go with families, friends or colleagues.

Contact Info of Karak Gholam Kuwait

  • Phone Number: 22322286 (int: 0096522322286) (Delivery)
  • Phone Number: 25734345 (int: 0096525734345) (Head Office)
  • Phone Number: 25734346 (int: 0096525734346) (Head Office)
  • Fax Number: 25755751 (int: 0096525755751) (Head Office)
  • Website: karakgholam.com
  • Instagram: karakgholam

Branches of Karak Gholam in Kuwait

Photos of Karak Gholam Kuwait

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