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Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons 1881 - Kuwait

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In 1881..
The Lebanese city of Tripoli, renowned for its ancestral history, heritage and vestiges, witnessed the rising of a new dawn in the world of traditional oriental sweets…

The variety range then widened and enriched with numerous sorts of sweets, all unique for their authentic taste and bearing that secret everyone still wonders about until today.

Is it the unique freshness of the ingredients? Or the extraordinary skillfulness in the preparation? Or the superior quality in every single piece? The secret probably lies in the mixing of the three, which gave the sweets of Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons this special uniqueness in the quality and an unrivaled name in the world of oriental sweets.

Our Mission

To develop a trusting long-term relationship with our customers, as well as increasing market share and profitability, by maintaining our position as the leader in the oriental sweets market and constantly improving our outstanding know-how and superior quality in every single piece of product we offer.

Our Vision

To create a culture around our oriental sweets produced in the region and globally. We cherish, promote and keep our brand image to worldwide standards, by continuously controlling our brand quality, conducting market research, educating and motivating our employees.

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