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Nino Restaurant - Kuwait

Brief on Nino Kuwait

NINO is a restaurant that builds on contemporary Italy fusing authentic specialties with eclectic immigrant Italian chef’s interpretations.

Our range of food is created by kitchens and ingredient suppliers who are top of the game and continually offer new, creative and exciting products.Together with highly experienced chefs, we develop deliciously unique recipes that are exclusive to NINO.

Kharafi Global Restaurant Group is the Nino Brand owner, developer and operator in Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA and soon in Qatar and Oman.

Contact Info of Nino Kuwait

  • Phone Number: 22541900 (int: 0096522541900) (Catering)
  • Phone Number: 22542900 (int: 0096522542900) (Catering)
  • Phone Number: 98999959 (int: 0096598999959) (Catering)
  • Website: www.nino-me.com
  • Facebook: NinoRestaurants
  • Instagram: nino_restaurant

Branches of Nino in Kuwait

Photos of Nino Kuwait

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Comments & Review on Nino Kuwait

  • 1 - Job For Cashier or Asst. Store Keeper or Parcel Boys
    Manish Kumar Sharma
    I am Cashier in 2010 To Till Date As a Showman Posgold & Mensons & Ids Software Knowledge

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