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Mughal Mahal Restaurant - Kuwait

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Mughal Mahal opened its first restaurant in downtown Sharq, way back in 1985.

They offer every specialty cuisine imaginable from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Continental, American and anything in between.

In this restaurant, you really realize the kind of excellence in dining experience — in ambiance, food quality and impeccable service.

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Comments & Review on Mughal Mahal Kuwait

  • 1 - Branch in Toronto, Canada
    Danny Rebello
    I was there for your opening in the '80's of your first restaurant in Sharq and was in Kuwait for over 25 years. I am now in Toronto, and believe you me, your restaurant comes to mind every weekend. PLEASE CONSIDER opening a branch here in Toronto, since there arent many, of for that matter, any restaurants of your calibre.
    Thank you
    Danny Rebello

    Commented on: Mughal Mahal - Sharq

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