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Fauchon Paris Restaurant - Kuwait

Brief on Fauchon Paris Kuwait

Fauchon Paris was founded by Auguste Fauchon in 1886 and Auguste is a young man from Normandy and he arrived to Paris in the year 1881.

He had an idea to begin selling the best fruits and vegetables from around the country on the Place de la Madeleine from a street cart. Thanks to Auguste Fauchon, the Place de la Madeleine became the “place to be” with its exclusive stores, Gourmet Food and Restaurant.

Auguste Fauchon only hired and worked with the best chefs and pastry chefs in Paris for this venture in the Grand Salon de The, opened in 1898, he introduced the “French Afternoon Tea”, inspired by the famous “Five O'clock Tea” tradition. It became an institution in Paris since then.

Fauchon's Fame has expanded to countries all around the world and stands for the ultimate in contemporary French luxury food.

Contact Info of Fauchon Paris Kuwait

  • Phone Number: 90910434 (int: 0096590910434) (Catering)
  • Phone Number: 96961326 (int: 0096596961326) (Boutique & Retail)
  • Phone Number: 96961359 (int: 0096596961359) (Boutique & Retail)
  • Phone Number: 96961419 (int: 0096596961419) (Catering)
  • Phone Number: 99808501 (int: 0096599808501) (Catering)
  • Website: www.fauchon.com
  • Facebook: FAUCHON.kw
  • Facebook: FAUCHON
  • Twitter: fauchon_kuwait
  • Twitter: FAUCHON_Paris
  • Instagram: fauchon_kuwait
  • Google Plus: fauchon

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