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Zahr El-Laymoun Restaurant - Kuwait

Brief on Zahr El-Laymoun Kuwait

A true Authentic Lebanese restaurant...

Our ancestors looked to nature to find the best remedies for a healthy and happy life and we are lucky today to inherit their love for Mother Earth’s gifts and secrets.

Lebanese villages, nesting between green mountains and plains, have always been ripe with the lovely smell of orange blossoms wafting over the countryside, infiltrating our souls with nostalgic memories of our grandmothers concocting delicious and timeless recipes full of affection and tenderness in a rustic kitchen.

We watched everything in awe, from the preparation to the table display, and enjoyed every moment of those long afternoons filled with conversation and laughter and generous tasty food.

Zahr El-Laymoun is an ode to nature and to our grandmothers. We know that food well-cooked enriches our bodies and souls. That is why our recipes have earth and tradition at their roots. Our ingredients are freshly hand-picked and deliciously grilled, making sure we deliver the healthiest of Lebanese pleasures.

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