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The Upper Crust Pizzeria Restaurant - Kuwait

Brief on Upper Crust Pizzeria Kuwait

“Good is easy, great isn’t.”

Since 2001, this Pizzeria has been serving award-winning pizza to Boston-area residents craving something delicious and extraordinary. The concept is simple: use fresh ingredients in traditional and unexpected ways on top of a flavorful crust. The menu has grown from classic combos to more unique and daring pairings - all atop a mouth-watering style, thin crust.

From the original storefront to any other location, customers can grab takeout, get delivery or choose to dine in. The award-winning architectural spaces include open kitchens, pizza tin-decorated ceilings, all adding up to deliver a truly unique experience.

Acquire General Trading and Contracting holds the franchise rights to the MENA region for the Upper Crust Pizzeria brand.

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