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Brief on Le Charcutier Aoun - Lebanon

Le Charcutier, a 100% Lebanese owned supermarket chain that offers high quality food and non-food products at competitive prices. With a workforce of more than 1000 people Le Charcutier is set to reach 15 branches by 2014. Ashrafieh, Baabda, Boulevard Camille Chamoun, Beit Mery, Jisr El Basha, Sin El Fil, Dekwaneh, Sed El Bouchrieh, Fanar, Antelias, Rabieh, Naccash, Sarba, Jeita and Jbeil.

Our Company

Family-owned and family-run enterprise
One of Lebanon’s largest and most successful supermarket chains, Le Charcutier Aoun is an independent family-run enterprise owned and founded by the three Aoun brothers, Joseph, Abdallah and Kamal. Its roots date back to their father Antoun Aoun’s grocery shop founded in 1953. A contemporary supermarket and a supermarket for the future, Le Charcutier Aoun offers high quality food and non-food products at competitive prices while providing for the families of more than 1000 staff members that constitute its workforce. Its branches, set to a total of 16 by the year 2013, cover Ashrafieh, Boulevard Camille Chamoun, Baabda, Jisr El Bacha, Dekwaneh, Sed El-Bauchrieh, Sarba, Rabieh, Zouk Mosbeh (known as Jeita Branch), Sin El-Fil (known as Salloumeh branch), Jbeil Mastita, Beit Mery, Naccash, Fanar and Antelias. Its outlets are compact, and their service is friendly, reinforced by the loyalty of employees who have been with the company for decades.

Our Management

A model of self-made success
With its management securely in the hands of its self-made founders and with a new highly specialized Aoun generation preparing to support management on all levels, Le Charcutier Aoun is perfectly positioned for future growth and expansion. Woven into the very fabric of the business is the founders’ passion for the field, a passion that has carried the enterprise through decades of civil strife and market challenges. As it has been since the founding years, Le Charcutier Aoun management remains personally involved in all aspects of the business, maintaining close ties with employees and anticipating customer needs before they arise.

Our History

A half-century of experience
Spanning the last half-century, the history of Le Charcutier Aoun is as intriguing as that of Lebanon itself. Throughout decades of civil strife, the business thrived to serve local communities. Its growth often went against market trends, its owners choosing to invest during some of Lebanon’s most difficult times. Innovation, knowhow and perseverance led the company to prosper when many had closed down. As grocery stores around the world raced to keep pace with the industry’s changing needs, so did Le Charcutier Aoun. Its history is a story of “firsts”. It was among Lebanon’s first to expand its product line to frozen goods and to adopt a modern self-service format. Highlights from the company’s journey…

1953: Antoun Aoun founded a grocery shop servicing Achrafieh’s Mar Mitr neighborhood (now St. Louis Street). Having left his work as maitre d’hôtel, he had leased the tiny grocery store with his last month’s pay with help from friends who worked at the port, using boat wood to make shelves. His wife prepared cheese and yoghurt while his 11-year-old son Joseph Aoun woke up neighborhood customers to deliver their orders on his bicycle every morning.

1956-1976: When fridges entered the local market, Antoun Aoun bought a wooden fridge, replacing the ice buckets he used and enabling him to stock more products. Steel shelves replaced wooden ones, and electric fridges soon followed. With hard work and perseverance, the family business began to grow. Even when civil war resulted in a lack of products in the market, the well-reputed Antoun Aoun was entrusted by storeowners to sell their products, resulting in further growth. By the end of the 1970’s, the family opened a second shop (selling cheese and meat) in Achrafieh following their merger with the Abi Aad store and benefiting from its wider product variety. By acquiring Abi Aad’s knowhow with his investment and bringing him in as a partner, the Aoun brothers achieved a quality leap for their business. The company was registered as Le Charcutier Aoun & Abi Aad. During this period, Aoun also advised Marché de Pont (a new supermarket he encountered at Ballouneh roundabout). The supermarket’s owner asked him to take over its charcutier section. Both the Marché and Aoun’s department in it proved hugely successful.

1982: Joseph Aoun bought and set up a meat factory for his brother Abdallah. The factory’s production volume was high, meeting demand and successfully providing for the frozen meats department of Jimmy Market in Mkalles. Yet at the height of his success at that location, Aoun opted for further independence and expansion. They left that outlet and instead took over another store then under construction in Jisr El Bacha. From that point on, Abi Aad left the business, and the brothers continued independently under the name of Le Charcutier Aoun. That year, they also bought the Ain Saadeh branch.

1999: Reinforced by the assistance of his youngest brother Nicolas, who started earlier to be involved in the business, Aoun leased the Zouk Mosbeh location, originally a wool factory. By the end of the 1990’s, and rather than resting on its laurels and risking stagnation, Le Charcutier Aoun proved that it was willing and able to make the changes necessary to carry the company well into the next century.

2000 and beyond: Aoun confronted the new century’s challenges by re-engineering the brand to emphasize the human touch and expanding into new neighborhoods. In 2000-2001, they rehabilitated the company’s offices with cutting-edge information technology and revamped their company’s marketing and advertising strategies. Today, plans for a Charcutier Aoun Operations Center are underway.

Our Values

Sharing the profits
The key to the chain’s growth lies in its commitment to the community. Despite massive growth, Le Charcutier Aoun remains as dedicated to its people and customers as it was more than half a century ago. “At Le Charcutier Aoun, we believe that we can achieve our goal only if we serve the communities in which we do business and only if we fulfill the needs of our own people. If you share your profits with the people, you grow. To our staff, we promise continuous improvement. To our customers, we pledge value in terms of variety, quality, and service. We have a strong partnership with our suppliers. These have been the keys to success: Pay your dues promptly, deliver on your promises, and love your work,” says CEO Joseph Aoun.

Our Vision

A consumer goods leader
From its confident past, Le Charcutier Aoun looks forward to a bright future, with possible diversification into subsidiary companies in fields like tourism and real estate. By adopting hypermarket tactics involving image and store size, Le Charcutier Aoun will not only survive in the face of new market players – it will continue to outperform them by ranking first in terms of sales and productivity. Le Charcutier Aoun believes in Lebanon and will continue to invest in it; the enterprise remains 100% Lebanese with no foreign joint venture. As such, by expanding into new and bigger locations across Lebanon and offering products and brands most in demand at consistently competitive prices, Le Charcutier Aoun will become a household name known to every family in the nation. Le Charcutier Aoun’s customer service ethic will continue to breed loyalty. Once a “Le Charcutier Aoun” customer, always a “Le Charcutier Aoun” customer - “Because our customer is a King”.

Our Mission

A larger Lebanese market share
Le Charcutier Aoun’s mission is to be among Lebanon’s leading providers of products and services, catering to the largest target market throughout the country; to establish a track record of excellent service for its suppliers and customers; and to acquire a more prominent market position.

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