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Brief on Crepaway Restaurant - Lebanon

Crepaway acquired a reputation for its quirky menu that includes a famous line of mouthwatering appetizers, salads, crêpes, burgers, sandwiches, platters and desserts.

What marks Crepaway is its formula for mixing food and fun in a trendy ambiance, offering guests a variety menu with high quality food standards in a lively, feel-good atmosphere and a hip environment. Accordingly, a light-hearted mood pervades the restaurants, with young trendy waiters, loyal guests and management that engage in the vibrant Crepaway spirit.

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Branches of Crepaway in Lebanon

  • 1Crepaway Restaurant - Furn El Chebbak Branch - LebanonCrepaway - Furn El Chebbak
    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda District \ Furn El Chebbak - Damascus Street

  • 2Crepaway Restaurant - Zalka Branch - LebanonCrepaway - Zalka

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn District \ Zalka - Jounieh Beirut Highway

  • 3Crepaway Restaurant - Jbeil (Byblos) Branch - LebanonCrepaway - Jbeil (Byblos)

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Jbeil (Byblos) District \ Jbeil (Byblos) - Sea Side Road entrance from Main Highway

* Most viewed out of 16 branches in the last 30 days, from 19 August 2019 till today.

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