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Brief on Amal Bohsali Sweets 1878 - Lebanon

The age long tradition of arabic pastry making has always been an essential part of Lebanese history, with Beirut being renowned for its excellence in this field.

One of the first established families in this industry was the Bohsali family. In 1878, Salim Bohsali opened the first outlet in Union Square, later known as Martyrs’ Square. In 1903, his son Saadeddine took over under the name of “Saadeddine Bohsali and Sons” until he was replaced by his elder son Salim in 1939. In 1947, Salim’s son Ghazi stepped in at the young age of thirteen.

From 1947 to 1975, Ghazi Bohsali followed in his ancestor’s footsteps and business flourished at the Martyrs’ Square branch. In 1975, Amal Bohsali, Ghazi’s wife, opened a new pastry shop in Hamra. It was named “Amal Bohsali”. In 1993, with the expansion of Greater Beirut, a new “Amal Bohsali” branch opened at Jal el Dib highway. Another branch was inaugurated in Ras-Beirut in 1998.

This is still very much a family business, with Ghazi Bohsali being seconded by his wife Amal and two sons Salim and Mazen. New additions to the existing Lebanese pastries are constantly being introduced, keeping the emphasis on quality and top rate products. Since 1975, “Amal Bohsali” shops have been awarded the “ **** A ” distinction by the ministry of Tourism, making them a leader in their field.

This 120 year-old business is being continuously updated with the latest technology, keeping old artistic handmade methods that remain the key element in this type of industry.

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