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Leila Min Libnan Restaurant - Kuwait

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Opened in 2006, Leila is a lady's story that grew up in the Lebanese mountains breathing chaste air, surrounded by good people and basking in the peace of mind.

Leila spent her childhood in an aromatic kitchen helping her grandmother who wanted to pass on the tastes, the flavors and the blessings the next generation. Together, the grandmother and the grandchild used to collect fresh vegetables; they bought their needs from the market sifting through herbs, spices and authentic treasures from the lands of Lebanon.

One day, Leila rode the vehicle, her heart loaded with the bounties she had gathered over the years, and moved down to the city. There, she had yet to be introduced to another type of delicacy brain food. Eventually, Leila found a way to bringing together both worlds by creating the ‘Leila Restaurant’ that serves Authentic Lebanese cuisine with a twist of today’s trends.

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