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Brief on Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is a pioneer of the banking phenomenon known as Islamic Finance or Shari’a compliant banking. We were the first Islamic bank established in the State of Kuwait and today we are one of the foremost Islamic Financial Institutions in the world.

From its inception in 1977, KFH has grown into a robust banking and financial institution, as well as a leader in the Islamic financial industry. KFH is now a market leader not only in the Islamic banking industry, but also in the banking sector as a whole, providing a wide range of Shari’a compliant products and services covering banking, real estate, trade finance, investment portfolios and corporate, commercial and retail financial markets.

Concept of Islamic Banking
The Islamic Difference

Islamic banking refers to a system of banking, which is consistent with religous law called Shari’a, and guided by Islamic principles on economics. The cornerstone of Islamic banking and finance is fairness and mutually beneficial relationships. We at KFH provide services that exemplify those values.

The main differentiating factors of the Islamic banking system are the sharing of risk and the prohibition of “Riba” (usury/interest). Islamic law prohibits interest based dealings that tend to exploit those in financial need. Instead, transactions based on sharing of risk are promoted as a way of encouraging cooperation for mutual benefit and establishing more equitable terms and fair dealing.
A number of services have been modernized and standardized to meet the various needs of customers, while maintaining the ethical boundaries embodied in the tenets of the Islamic faith. Among these services are:

Murabaha: trade with markup or cost plus sale
Mudaraba: profit sharing agreement
Musharaka: equity participation
Leasing (Ijara Wa Iqtina): renting for beneficial use
Salam and Parallel Salam: deferred sale contracts
Istisna’a and Parallel Istisna’a: project finance
Sukuks: Islamic bonds

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Comments on Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

  • 21 - Sir I want loan
    Rohithashwa umikkala
    Sir I am currently working in Citi Bank my company name gulf requirements service (Kanee) my basic salary 275 my account also KFH for almost 5 year I can get loan ur bank please reply me sir.

  • 20 - Dear sir, I want to open salry account in your branch because I am not free in other working day th
    Sushi bajpai
    Dear Sir, I want to open salary account in your branch because your baranch is open every day and I am free only Friday so please advice me can we open new account in your airport branch or not because your services is very good .

    Commented on: KFH - Airport (International)

  • 19 - Loan inquiry
    Hi my salary is 240 kwd can i get loan and what is requirements?thanks in advance

  • 18 - loan elgibility
    my salary is 200 kwd . i am eligibility for any personal loan

  • 17 - Loan Application
    Karen Omega Soliman Estropia
    I am currently working as a Sales Associate at Al Sabrya Trading Co. My basic salary is KD 185.
    Am I qualified to apply for a Cash Loan amounting of KD 1,500?
    I have the complete requirements that you need.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Commented on: KFH - Hawalli (Al Bahar Center)

  • 16 - asking for loan
    emerson ulang vocal
    i am working in mobile shop my salary is 200kd but only 120kd is coming to my bank account and the rest i received by cash. i am asking if it is possible to apply for loan in the kind of my salary i received monthly in my account ? if possible please reply to me as soon as possible. thank you...

  • 15 - Salary loan
    Polnati tataji
    Hi iam tataji work with ali alganim co civil foreman my bank card buruan bank i want loan i have a probpems please help me

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  • 14 - Sumite document
    Santano fernandes
    Sir Kfh says sumit document because I took loan one year before to re build my house so now I sumite but still client shown document not summited please follow up me

    Commented on: KFH - Qibla (Head Office)

  • 13 - loan enquiry
    Arun Selvaraj
    Dear Sir/Ma'am,
    when i was working at my previous company i have taken a loan from gulf bank for five year time now i payed around three years now i changed my company and having a basic salary of 600 kwd with this will i be eligible for taking loan from KFH. if i am eligible please let me know the needed documents for applying loan.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Thanks & Regards
    Arun Selvaraj

  • 12 - Inquiring for loan
    Rez Santos
    Good day. I just want to ask what are the.documents you need to give me loan? Thank you for your response

    Commented on: KFH - Fahaheel (Al-Manshar)

  • 11 - Loan inquiries
    Excel Martir
    Good day. I am currently working in crowne plaza for almost 5 years and my basic salary is 250KD. Please drop me an email on how I can avail a loan from you. Thank u

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