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Opinions & Comments - December 2017 (49 comment)

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  • abbas company iraq kurdistan erbil
    dear al sayer holding
    im trading in toyota and lexus spare parts and i buy goods in Dubai. now i see in Kuwait cheaper than Dubai, i saw so many other traders in Erbil buys in Kuwait. so ill be grateful if you contact with me or send me a phone number to deal with him\her. also i can send some part number list to check the pries in your company, any other way you can guide me to start the communicating with you.
    with best regards

    Commented on: Toyota Spare Parts Ardiya

  • Poor quality food
    sofy mohan
    Today I went to BFC , MOE .As always I ordered Dynamite chicke , Noodles and as per their suggestion of waiter took Deli chicken . It was horrible , too sour and salty .I requested the waiter softly to do something with the chicken and he brought some hot and sweet sauce which was also bad . Finally I took the hicken home thinking i will do something at home . This was really disappointing .
    I must say either you improve the recipe or teach the chef
    how to prepare that dish properly .Also the taste of Dynamite also did not taste great .
    Mocktail was also not good.So many people ordered and it was getting wasted as people were not using them .

    Commented on: P.F. Chang's Restaurant Al Barsha 1 (Mall of Emirates) Branch Dubai

  • job regarding
    unni chuvatta Padinharekkara
    more than 8 years of experience in STORE keeping and production supervising

    Commented on: Mishref Co-Op

  • If I apply for credit card how long take the time ?
    Chitra bahadur Thapa
    Because I already apply for the credit card one week ago until now I didn’t get any information. please I want to know ?

    Commented on: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) Salmiya (Salem Mubarak, Eureka) Branch

  • I am applying for a Job
    Rita Robles
    If there is any job vacancy.please send me an e-mail

    Commented on: City Star Central Market Hawalli Branch

  • Bad service
    Today I went to fahaheel centre point branch, I purchase 3 item, 2 of them on sale, I waited almost 30 minutes in line to pay my bill when I reach cashier she scan barcode but one promotion item showing 4 kd instead of 2kd due to sale, cashier ask to pay for the 2 item first and I pay, I change one same item with barcode showing wrong price amount and went to cashier directly since I waited long time in queue before but cashier ask to wait again in line, all customer knows I was in line and didn’t even take me a minute to back with same item, I went to right side counter which look like customers service to ask why your system is like this? They told me still I have to stay in line again, I am very disappointed with your service.

    Commented on: Centrepoint Fahaheel Branch

  • Part time Driver
    I will interesting your company working part time Driver job pls call me my no 50986649

    Commented on: Zitaat Kuwait City

  • we working in a cleaning company
    we have less salary 90 kd for cleaners we cannot to the ourcompany we lost our job if we do complained;we work hard for our family is waiting for us ti send money but how we could provide the needs of our family because even the tips we get from the toilet we are working the company wants to take from us also;90 kd salary is not enough for our family,but allahamdulillah forvthe generous people who give tips to us for cleaning the toilet;but sadly,our company greedy for money that even our little money that we get from cleaning the toilet they want to steal also to us,we are afraid to talk!once they know we have complain they threatend us not to renew our iqamas and make problem to us,i hope through this message you can help to us😔

    Commented on: Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor MOSAL

  • Online payment
    I send online payment.but cannot entry my account.what problem tell me sir

    Commented on: Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) Hawalli (Al Bahar Center) Branch

  • 9 pcs family meals
    Wanna order pls...dicember,24,9:30pm
    Adre ss:Block9
    H.64 I cant call.pls....thank you😊

    Commented on: KFC Kuwait Menu and Meals Prices

  • Yes
    I like max

    Commented on: Max Salmiya (Salem Al Mubarak Street) Branch

  • Butchery
    Dear sir .
    Good afternoon 

    My name atif qurraishi .i have 18 visa transferable. I am looking job for bucher .have 5 year experience in same field .i can join immediately. I am living in mangaf .

    Atif qurraishi

    Commented on: Carrefour Hypermarket Rai (Avenues Mall) Branch