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Opinions & Comments - April 2014 (4 comment)

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  • Ragheb and Wael are both loved
    Ruba khabaz
    I love both Ragheb and Wael but what I can't understand is how can a star like Ahlam be the reason of Ragheb's departure from Arab Idol. It is a pity of how MBC listen to her. How can Ahlam afford the disgust and the hatred of Raghebs' fans. She is responsible for his departure and this proves there is no professionalism in any of international programs. I LOVE Wael Kfoury big timeeeeeeeeeeeee and so I love Ragheb but I am really disgusted and feel that Ahlam is nothing but a spoiled star.

    Commented on: Wael Kfoury joined Arab Idol?!

  • more training for call center staff
    Call center staff seems don't have enough logic when they are taking orders from customers to explain them when he is ordering meal to explain that meal is only sandwiches & not full option in case there is new invitation

    Commented on: Whats wrong with KFC in Kuwait?

  • kfc staff send the orders as they like in kuwait
    I ordered twister meal means 2 sandwiches fries,colslo without drinks but I got only sandwiches I'll never eat kfc again & 1 meal new bonless 4 pcs I got 5 pcs why is kfc staff will make customers to pay more for his bonus???? It's disgusting

    Commented on: Whats wrong with KFC in Kuwait?

  • u're right
    Its the yummiest dish ever

    Commented on: In love with The Southwest Potato Twisters