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  • Google on ValentineGoogle on Valentine
     -   1,228
    As usual, Google likes to celebrate all occasions with people and here is what it has for us this valentine

  • Every time you touch me...I become a heroEvery time you touch me...I become a hero
     -   1,772
    This song by Julio Iglesias and Dolly Parton is dedicated to all the lovers in the world on Valentines day so enjoy it

  • Al Sayer Group Raffle Draws on Gold Campaign "Gold Is Our Gift For You"Al Sayer Group Raffle Draws on Gold Campaign "Gold Is Our Gift For You"
     -   3,570
    Al Sayer Group held recently its first draws on Gold Campaign as part of its

  • 10 things a girl with curly hair can't do10 things a girl with curly hair can't do
     -   2,581
    Many girls wish that their hair was naturally curly but in fact a girl with curly hair is facing some troubles

  • Secret of magic trick of walking on water revealed!Secret of magic trick of walking on water revealed!
     -   1,680
    Have you ever seen someone walking on water...it really happened but just discover how in this secret revealing video

  • The Kuwaiti PassportThe Kuwaiti Passport
     -   4,067
    The Kuwaiti passport is issued to citizens of Kuwait for international travel and there are three types which include the red, green and blue

  • Yummy Kuwaiti Style CakesYummy Kuwaiti Style Cakes
     -   2,228
    Take a look at these Kuwaiti Style Cakes that are just so artistic...hoping to see more bakeries and pastries baking such kinds of cakes

  • Hot Summer WallpapersHot Summer Wallpapers
     -   4,465
    Summer is over by now but this season remains the best of all times especially if we spent it on a magical beach shore

  • The Snap Chat ApplicationThe Snap Chat Application
     -   1,563
    Do you want to send a private photo to someone without having the person save or use the photo...here is a new app that guarantees that

  • Masks for Women to eat burgers!Masks for Women to eat burgers!
     -   1,518
    A restaurant discovered that Japanese women don't like to eat big burgers because they are ashamed of opening their mouths wide So

  • Thai Street FoodThai Street Food
     -   1,498
    A video showing a big variety of Thai Street Food that reflect the culture of this famous touristic Asian country

  • How to Make BrowniesHow to Make Brownies
     -   1,610
    Here is an easy professional way to prepare the delicious dessert call brownies so try it at home and enjoy the taste