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OSN Kicks Off the Year with Four Award-Winning Arabic Movies and Series

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Gripping storylines, cliff-hangers, tales of romance and suspense fill OSN’s line up of Arabic, Turkish and Russian dubbed content this month on OSN Ya Hala Al Oula and OSN Yahala Cinema channels.

The list of newly released content includes four captivating stories exclusive to OSN, such as the independent Egyptian movie and OSN Original production Hazer Tagwl (Curfew) on OSN YAHALA CINEMA which is set to premiere on January 29th at 23:00 KSA.

The Egyptian feature-length movie stars the celebrated Egyptian actors Elham Shahin who won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie at the 42nd edition of CIFF 2020, Amina Khalil and Ahmed Magdy and is written and directed by Amir Ramses, one of the most illustrious directors of Arab cinema today.


1. Hazer Tagwl (Curfew)
Exclusive at 23:00 KSA

Egyptian Drama Movie: This OSN Original, Hazer Tagwl (Curfew) takes place during the fall of 2013 following the curfew in Egypt and tells the dramatic story of Fatin, recently released from prison and what ensues as she is forced to spend the evening with her daughter Layla who is determined to find out Fatin’s secrets around her arrest.


2. Aman Ziyada KA Extra Safe
Exclusive at 21:00 KSA

Egyptian Drama: 28-year-old Noha goes to the pharmacy to buy contraception products when her mother shows up and turns the situation and her life upside-down.

3. Al Ahad Saa' khamsa (AKA Sunday at Five)
Exclusive at 21:00 KSA

Egyptian Drama: Nominated for Best Short Film in Arab Film Festival (AFF) 2020 and the Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival 2019 the film tells the story of Hadeel, a truly selfish character who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and leads a trail of destruction in her wake.

4. Henet Ward (AKA Ward's Henna Party)
Exclusive at 21:00 KSA

Egyptian Drama: With 6 award wins and 16 nominations, "Halima" is the tale of a Sudanese henna artist who lives in Egypt. The story follows her as she travels to Giza to prepare a bride for her wedding day and begins a journey of discovery.

5. Al Naheit fil Zaman (AKA Sculpting in time – Nagy Shaker)
Exclusive at 21:00 KSA

Egyptian Documentary: Winner of the Jury Awards Arab film Festival in Pars 2018, and First Work Award Egyptian National film festival 2018 - the film tells the true story of the famed Egyptian artist, Nagy Shaker - a celebrated puppet-maker, production and costume designer, and filmmaker who worked in the cinema and art field for over fifty years.


6. Al Ikhtiyar Season 2 AKA The Choice / Babil
Frist Run & Exclusive at 22:00 KSA from Sunday to Thursday

Turkish Drama Series: The series returns where season one left off on the last episode; on the last exit before the bridge. Irfan can calculate anything as long as it’s do to with numbers; money, investments, taxes, debts and debtors ... what he can’t work out is human weakness. The series follows his character struggle to live with the dark deed he committed to save his son’s life.

OSN Kicks Off the Year with Four Award-Winning Arabic Movies and Series


OSN Kicks Off the Year with Four Award-Winning Arabic Movies and Series


7. Al Fadeiha (AKA The Scandalous Anna)
First Run & Exclusive at 20:00 KSA from Sunday to Thursday

Russian historical Drama Series: Winner of the Best Music at TV series at APKIT Awards 2018 and Best TV series at Golden Eagle Awards, Russia 2018 along with 8 nominations - The 8 episode story takes place in 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War and is based on the legendary literary class novel "On the Japanese War" by one of the world's greatest writers, Leo Tolstoy.

OSN Kicks Off the Year with Four Award-Winning Arabic Movies and Series


OSN Kicks Off the Year with Four Award-Winning Arabic Movies and Series


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