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Lana El Sahely Announces Her Second Pregnancy

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Lebanese Fashion Blogger and Influencer Lana El Sahely announced her second pregnancy through her official page on Instagram with this caption:

"Thank you for being my miracle of 2020, the most beautiful lesson of hope.

Amidst everything we are going through, being pregnant has been both a challenge and the most incredible blessing.

I found out as soon as I landed back from Paris Fashion Week, as Lebanon was locking down due to Covid-19. You can only imagine how I was feeling and still feel everyday. The amount of questions I ask myself on a daily basis. What will happen tomorrow?

The world has drastically changed and I wonder how this will continue to affect our lives, how we feel, our future plans.

I’ve been through terrible down days, locked up and pregnant, far from my husband and with a toddler. It wasn’t the easiest thing. The first trimester was literally a shock; followed by an easier second trimester as I got my energy back, set a routine and accepted what the world was going through.

The world will never be the same. Thankfully.

I have grown so much for the past 4 months. For the past 10 years, I really never had the chance to just sit down and think. I am so blessed. And I cannot wait to go forward with all my plans and career projects.
For now, Zayd, Ali and I cannot wait to meet this little one and grow our family. There’s nothing I currently wish for more than being surrounded by this unconditional love.

Can’t wait to meet you Mama. With every little kick, you give me butterflies☺️ and make me fall in love all over again."

Lana El Sahely Announces Her Second Pregnancy


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