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Kuwait Hemophilia Group supports Arab World celebrations of International Hemophilia Day sponsored by Sobi in the Middle East

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A regional online seminar organized by Kuwait Hemophilia Group brought together 19 prominent experts and specialists of Hematology. The online event’s main goal was to create awareness on the challenges that affect bleeding disorder patients during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It also showcased the solutions that could allow patients to maintain their health while demonstrating preventive methods that could help protect them from the virus. The seminar took place during the Arab World’s celebration of International Hemophilia Day in cooperation with several partners including World Federation of Hemophilia, Kuwait Hemophilia Group , Saudi Society of Hemophilia and UAE Hemophilia Group, the event was sponsored by Sobi Middle East.

The seminar saw a large audience of close to 600 participants which included Hemophilia patients and their respective families. The several speakers that spoke during the event gave the audience a series of information and health tips that can help patients deal with their illness in a better way and to advance through their days with confidence & positivity. This included daily practices that help keep patients vibrant, assist in conserving their general health, and allow them to stay in shape. The information narrated was especially vital during the preventive measures currently taking place in the region against the Coronavirus.

The main speaker during the seminar from Kuwait included Dr. Ali Mulla Ali , Director of National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children.

In commemoration with this occasion , Dr Ali Mulla Ali , stated “that it was highly added value event with the concept of putting patient first as it allows a very good platform for sharing experiences between a huge multidisciplinary teams from healthcare providers and the patients , covering the most needed and required issues that help and support the patients.”

“Moreover, conducting such an event specially during the current situation of COVID 19 pandemic , will help the patient to pass this pandemic situation with full readiness and confidence," Dr. Ali added.\

Dr. Ali Mulla Ali - Director of National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children
Dr. Ali Mulla Ali - Director of National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children


Ahmed Abu Dahab, VP at Sobi Middle East, said that “The great success of this unique online seminar is due to the ability of primary care providers to reach patients and their families on the emotional, psychological, social and educational level.” Also commenting on the seminar, Dr. Mohammed El Sharkawy, Business Unit Director at Sobi Middle East, said that “This webinar has spread wide on social media, especially among Hemophilia patients and their families, as it is the only event so far that connects patients together across 18 Arab countries.”

The audience viewing the webinar expressed their utmost admiration for the rich content provided, voiced their appreciation of the specialists, as well as invited the increased use of digital platforms to communicate with health-care providers who specialize in Hemophilia; this reduces the challenges they face while helping them avoid any unexpected complications. The seminar concluded with speakers answering questions the participants had.

National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children is recognized as one of the best healthcare institutions in the Arab region. We have achieved this unique position by adopting a culture of excellence in healthcare delivery systems. The hospital seeks to provide the highest levels of health care and the best patient experience in an integrated educational and research environment.

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