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Warba Bank Showcases its Success Story in Digitalization During FinTech Conference

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During presentation at FinTech conference, Mr. Mohammed El Shareef – Chief Strategy & Digital Officer at Warba Bank- spoke about the significant digital evolution Warba is witnessing crowned by launching of the sole & first digital factory in the Kuwaiti banking sector; Al Wateen.

In the presence of financial IT and blockchain experts, representatives of governmental sector, local banks and investments companies, Al-Shareef elaborated on the Bank’s journey to build a solid digital infrastructure of applications and services that have been launched in response to the customers’ needs. In line with the fast lifestyle we are witnessing these days. customers’ demands have changed to not only obtain digital banking services, but also these services should be time saving, flexible, easy to use and accomplish within few minutes if not seconds. Therefore, Warba Bank’s journey has begun toward digitalization.

Al Shareef affirmed that the creation of the digital services by Al Wateen Team comes after a deep understanding of customers trends and preferences while making sure that these services comes as an added value to their banking experience turning it into an enjoyable, effortless one. As a result, the customers turnout towards using these services has widely increased as they serve as practical solutions covering all different aspects of life, same as Family Account, Digital Jam3eya, Digital Qitteya, in addition to the Dashboard service which enables customers to review their expenses for any period they want.

Warba Bank Showcases its Success Story in Digitalization During FinTech Conference


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