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University of Sharjah Students marked their first steps towards the World of Fashion

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University of Sharjah celebrated the graduation ceremony of the College of Fine Arts and Design Students - Class of 2019 - by running a fashion show under the name of "MYDesign Show" at Roda Al-Murooj Down Town in the presence of Singer Clauda Al Chemali and in collaboration with the international fashion designer Walid Atallah who provided the students with all the needed support; Atallah was delighted to see a new talented generation making its first steps into the world of fashion, and assured the importance of Dubai as the capital of international fashion.

60 pieces of creative arts were designed with desire and passion to assure combining modernity, elegance and precision in creating lines and details to present them in a striking and elegant manner. The designs were not only implementing graduation projects as much as providing a great opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and passion in the fashion world to parents, friends, professors and attendees to demonstrate their entitlement to the art they have chosen to be their future career.

The Process of building up fashion pieces is complex, each student had created a unique collection of 5 pieces that combined beauty, simplicity and sophistication; It was the chance for every talent to reflect their vision and inspiration through designs that will suit all tastes and allow people to express themselves by a unique style. The creative process of building a piece of fashion varies from designer to designer, talent to talent and inspiration to inspiration, therefore, each designer has a story and key of inspiration behind their choice of designs.

Some designs had chosen to express the multiculturalism in the UAE, others decided to display eight positive human emotions such as “Patience, Satisfaction, Courage, Happiness, Success, Trust, Love, Hope” in the Truck art print, and then a collection that showed the combination between the concept of rain and happiness, Moreover, one collection showcased the emotional withdrawal side of humans and was keen to create simple and practical designs; Other pieces tried to bring the Victorian royal style back, however in a modern and wearable way.

It is likely to mention the modern “kufiya” style whereas the designer chose to revive it in contemporary fashion in a modern and distinctive way, and then some have chosen to express Authenticity that reflects Modern Conservative garments with a mixture of modern Arabic Calligraphy; Up next was a collection that combined the world of architecture with fashion to create the modern powerful female figure, and then “Be Yourself” designs conveyed a message assuring all women to follow their own taste, uniqueness and confidence while choosing fashion, and finally it was the time to reify the delicacy and the sensation of love that was inspired from a Turkish symphony embodied through the harmony of the fabrics and designs.

Moving on to the amazing show by World Fashion designer Walid Atallah who had never failed to inspire and admire fashion lovers with his unique innovations; His designs are known to be elegant and luxurious as he is always ready to provide new challenges to assure that his name is always on the top list of the best designers worldwide.

" Princess and Queens" is the title of the collection chosen by Atallah to describe the beauty of the Spring - Summer Collection 2019 consisting of 3 wedding dresses and 14 Haute Couture; These designs were marked by an innovative vision to help suit modern and elegant women clearly shown by the choice of fabric such as Organza, brocade, Tulle, in addition to the elegant embroidery such as sequins, crystal, cut beads and of course the Swarovski crystals that added special glamor to Atallah's exquisite designs; The colors used were mostly pastel colors like yellow, purple, beige, gold, and nude (light beige).

The Ceremony was attended by Dr. Nadia Al Hasani, Dean of College of Fine Arts & Design in University of Sharjah, Dr. Ayman Fathy Program Coordinator, Sheikh Obaid bin Suhail Al Maktoum, Mr. Yacoub Al Ali Manager of Communications and Relations at Dubai Customs, in addition to a large number of professors, technicians in the fashion and textile design program, Parents, fashion Lovers and Media; Plus, Walid Atallah was honored by Dr. Nadia who appreciated his support and encouragement to the students’ efforts in building a bright future in the world of fashion.

University of Sharjah Students marked their first steps towards the World of Fashion


University of Sharjah Students marked their first steps towards the World of Fashion


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