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Goodbye Shortat Al Mashahir Founder Raghed Kays

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Everyone that followed Shortat Al Mashahir Page on Instagram and everyone that knew its founder Raghed Kays in person or through social media heard a very shocking news stating that Raghed Kays passed away.

This young Lebanese guy started Shortat Al Mashahir page few years back and recently reached over 1 million followers. The page posts celebrity news, updates, secrets and some other gossips and criticism that many found harsh sometimes.

Raghed Kays suffered from a certain disease in the past few months and many people are guessing that its probably cancer but there is still no clear information regarding that but for sure, Shortat Al Mashahir Founder passed away after being sick and not in any other way as some are trying to suggest.

UPDATE: Raghed Kays Cousin said to Annahar Newspaper that Raghed had high fever 1 and a half month ago and just 5 days ago, his situation became worse and he was on breathing machine. This is still not clear and real medical condition hasn't been mentioned yet.

Moreover, Lebanese lady Amal Hmede that started with Raghed Kays also passed away around 6 months ago and that is what shocked us more since they were partners in success and popularity.

Goodbye Shortat Al Mashahir Founder Raghed Kays


Goodbye Shortat Al Mashahir Founder Raghed Kays


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