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TSC helps in Protecting the Environment by Supporting “Give the Sand a Hand” Campaign

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In accordance to its social corporate responsibility and as part of initiative to protect the environment, The Sultan Center took part in a beach clean-up themed "Give the Sand a Hand" campaign up in conjunction with Hawalli Governorate Kuwait Municipality.

TSC's initiative stems from its deep commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. TSC staff across the company volunteered to participate in beach clean-up campaign, the event was also attended by Engineer Ayed Al-Qahtaani Head of the Department of Elimination of violations, Municipality of Hawally Governorate and Engineer Nadia Al-Mahameed, Cleaning Department, Municipality of Hawally Governorate. Over the course of the morning the group collected vast amount of debris that is harmful to the environment.

Lisa Al-Ghareeb, Marketing Manager, commented: "TSC’s beach clean-up campaign reflects the company’s commitment on increasing awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment in which we live now and for future generations. As a Kuwaiti company, we are determined to exert our role in preserving and protecting Kuwait’s beautiful beaches and marine life from pollution, we encourage all individuals who visit Kuwait’s beaches to do their part in properly disposing litter and waste to safeguard and protect the environment”. The beach clean-up campaign reflects the company’s commitment to increase awareness about serious environmental issues and to shed lights on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment in which we live.

Engineer Nadia Al-Mahameed, on behalf of Kuwait Municipality thanked the management of The Sultan Center for organizing this voluntary campaign to clean Al-Bida’a beach, and commented” I would like to thank all the volunteers for their initiative, the Municipality of Kuwait is always ready to cooperate with any organization that organizes such campaign in order to preserve the cleanliness of our beloved Kuwait”.

Engineer Aayed Al Qahtani further commented “we would like to thank The Sultan Center for their success in the beach clean-up campaign and for the purpose of spreading awareness and maintaining the cleanliness of the shores of Kuwait”.

TSC is committed to serving the community in which it operates; and would like to thank all those who contributed and took part in the beach clean-up.

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