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TSC extends collaboration with Ghanima Al Fahad in "Stay Fit All Summer" Program

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Due to the positive feedback received from customers on the “Healthy Ramadan” campaign conducted by Ghanima Al-Fahad, The Sultan Center continued its collaboration with Al-Fahad a Macrobiotic expert- as part of its healthy eating campaign called “Stay Fit All Summer”.

Through the “Stay Fit All Summer” program, Ghanima Al-Fahad greeted TSC customers, on Fridays during the month of July at TSC Shaab store and provided them with simple, healthy and nutritious meals that promote good health during the summer season.

The program has been custom designed to provide informative information & benefits related to cooking ideas to keep you and your family healthy and hydrated against the summer heat by using fresh and natural products available at TSC stores.

During the sessions, participants enjoyed cooking with Ghanima Al-Fahad and were provided with all the necessary tools to prepare the meals at home for their families.

They also got the chance to ask Al-Fahad about how to cook healthier and lighter options that can provide the same taste, but with less fat and calories and more nutritional value.

TSC takes the lead in educating customers about the importance of eating healthy food options and plays an active role in the community by supporting health initiatives and wellness campaigns that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Visit The Sultan Center website for more information on cooking sessions with Al-Fahad.

TSC extends collaboration with Ghanima Al Fahad in "Stay Fit All Summer" Program


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