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Nadine Al Rassi and Raed Lattouf ... Forbidden Love?

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Romantic photos and videos between the Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rassi and the Lebanese celebrity dentist Raed Lattouf are now everywhere on social media.

This is for sure a shock for everyone since it was totally unexpected knowing that Dr. Raed Lattouf is married and has 3 daughters and always shares photos with his wife and family.


They both mentioned at the beginning that the photos reflect only friendship and they are just close friends but what made it hard to believe now are the videos that are so clear.

Now, none of them can deny the truth but we are really wondering about many confusing points like who took the videos, who shared them, how did they let someone take photos if it's a secret relationship and many other question marks.

No one knows the real truth, all we know is that Nadine and Raed are close friends and she is also the friend of his wife and Dr. Raed is having a peaceful life with his family according to what he shares on social media.

We are not here to judge but at the same time we have the right to wonder about this unexpected news hoping that the truth gets revealed without reflecting any harm on both families.

Nadine Al Rassi and Raed Lattouf ... Forbidden Love?


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