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UFIG acquires 30% of the total sales in retail’s sector

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Abdul Aziz Al Balool, Vice Chairman and CEO of United Foodstuff Industries Group, confirmed the group operations’ growth and business expansion in local, regional and international markets.

Al Balool attributed this achievement to the group strategy which has been implemented over 3 years from 2014-2016 resulting a considerable growth in operations and geographical expansion in Kuwait and GCC markets.

He also confirmed that the group succeeded in maintaining profit’s margin in the last 3 years due to the extensive planning strategy the group followed.

UFIG today is well positioned in GCC markets; with three branches for Sable in Qatar and 4 others in UAD in addition to 30 branches in Kuwait, 3 branches for Roche Chocolate and one for Planet Donuts, the group is steadily paving the way towards more strategic presence: "In 2017, we aim towards more expansions and developments in our operations by providing new diversified offerings including French Cafes and restaurants to open throughout Kuwait", Al Balool added.

The comprehensive mid-term strategy has helped the group in acquiring 30% of the overall all retails sector sales in local market with a good growth potential; that is despite the increase in fuel and diesel prices which has negatively reflected on the consumer’s purchasing capabilities while elevating the production cost on companies, Al Balool commented: "we have succeeded in maintain a consistent growth in our operations by diversifying our products. The new array of products include high-end raw materials imported from Europe. That is in addition to many franchise’s agreement the group recently sealed to produce instant coffee and tea."

UFIG acquires 30% of the total sales in retail’s sector


Moreover, UFIG seeks to enter European markets where recently it acquires a share in a Belgium company specialized in manufacturing high-quality chocolate; part of this investment will be allocated to operations’ development of the company then accordingly market its products in the European markets starting with Germany.

As well, the group has sealed an agreement with a Saudi based group by the terms of which, the latter will have the rights to distributed UFIG products in KSA markets including Sable, Roche, Abu Zeid Kunafa and Planet Donuts, "we are expecting the implementation of this agreement in the near future", said Al Balool.

During 2017, UFIG is in the process to launch several development’s projects which mainly include a revamp of Sable brand to match the operations’ developments and its distinguished market share, "we will open a factory for instant tea and coffee production in Kuwait which will be exported to the GCC markets and promoted in Kuwait; that will be a great support to the industry sector in Kuwait and prime catalyst to roll the national economy."

Worth of note that UFIG owns and operates the following brands: Al Dik Al Roumi, Roche, Planet Donuts, Abu Zeid Kunafa and Sable. The group is committed to offer top-notch products to customers as being their first choice and cater to their savvy taste.

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