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Warba bank holds the second Al- Sunbula draw for 2017

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Warba Bank, held the second monthly Al Sunbula draw for clients with offering more cash prizes and winning opportunities; the account has been totally upgraded in 2017 offering more valuable prizes for more winners.

Twelve winners were announced during a ceremony attended by the bank’s executive management and staff, in addition to Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s representative.

Two Warba Bank clients won the KD 5,000 grand prize; they are Nayef Douman AlMutairi and Faisal Motlaq AlAzmi, while the other 10 prizes of KD 1000 value went to off Warba clients: Hamad Hussain AlAjmi, Eman Obaid AlMutairi, Abeer Merdhi AlAzmi, Tareq Yaser AlKhaldi, Ahmad Ateeq AlEnezi, Saad Ali AlOtaibi, Ahmad Jassim AlShammari, Hessah Fhaid AlAjmi, Thuraya Dhaidan AlAjmi, Jamal Abdulghaffar AlAwadhi.

The new Al-Sunbula account features an increase number of winners to 12 instead of 6, while the total amount of monthly prizes increased from KD 10,000 to KD 20,000. Furthermore, each client becomes entitled to enter the draw for every KD 10 deposited, instead of KD 100 in the past.

Warba bank holds the second Al- Sunbula draw for 2017


Al-Sunbula Account is a Wakala investment saving account according to the Islamic Sharia completely. It is certified by the bank’s fatwa and sharia control department, and is considered the best choice for clients to save money and make returns on their deposits at the same time. Furthermore, it qualifies clients to enter monthly draws to win a minimum of KD 1,000 in cash.

This account is characterized by not requiring the client to transfer his salary to Warba Bank. Any individual who meets the required terms and conditions can open Al-Sunbula Account and enter the monthly draw within minutes at any of the bank’s branches, or online or through the bank’s app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Each client gets a chance to win for every KD 10 deposited in his account, which means that the more money is deposited, the more chances that a client will have to win any of the awards throughout the year.

And similar to other accounts provided by Warba Bank, the Sunbula Account allows clients to benefit from all distinguished and innovative services that it provides, including the ATM and credit card services.

It is worth mentioning that the monthly draw takes place on the first Monday of each month under the supervision and attendance of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Each client will be verified to make sure that they meet the conditions to become eligible for the draw; which is done electronically and randomly.

The cash prizes are deposited directly in the winners’ accounts within a maximum of two working days from the day of the draw.

In order to meet the conditions, a client must deposit an amount in his Al-Sunbula Account for an entire month to be eligible to enter the draw that takes place the following month.

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