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Recently, we tried shopping groceries online through Sultan Center's website that is now serving his costumers a home delivery service whereby you can get your order at your doorstep the same day or next day based on your choice.

Sultan Center Online Groceries Shopping Website
Sultan Center Online Groceries Shopping Website


We were surprised to see that they displayed many items on their website and in each category starting from fruits and vegetables until you get to the households section.

And with this, you feel like you have many options in front of you to choose just like you are in the supermarket and you don't feel like you are obliged to choose an item because you don't have any other choice.

Items are displayed as you can see in the photo below, with photo, price and a field to choose the quantity.

Way of displaying Items
Way of displaying Items


While shopping, you can always take a look at your shopping cart to see all the items you have chosen so far with the price of each one and the total amount as well.

There is also a live chat option that will make things easier for you in case you have any question or confusion. Really good costumer service!

When you are done shopping, you sign in and then fill up some information like your name, phone number, detailed address and other details that help them to get you your order easily.

They also give you several options concerning the time of delivery so you can choose the time that suits your schedule.

As for our order, it arrived on time and in a perfectly organized way as you can see in the photos below.




Below are some of the details we loved about Sultan Center delivery service:

- They bring your groceries into the house and place them wherever you ask them to and they do that with their shoes covered to keep your floor clean.

- If there is an item you ordered that is not available, they get you another similar item to it in a separate bag and you have the choice to take it or leave it.

- They care about frozen items and get them to you 100% frozen, give them to you before any other items and make sure you place them in the freezer.

- Similar items are packed together and marked with "Keep Chilled" or "Handle with care" so you can know whats in the bag.

- Payment is on delivery and you can pay cash or KNET

In short, our experience was just great and we were happy with all the small details that made the whole difference and made our feedback 100% positive.

We hope that they maintain the quality of their delivery service always.

To try Sultan Center Online Groceries Shopping, you can visit their website:


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