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5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

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TGI Fridays is one of our favorite restaurants in Kuwait and will always be hopefully.

Below are some of our favorite delicious dishes from Fridays:

1. Chicken Yucatan Chipotle Salad:

This salad consists of roasted pulled chicken breast seasoned with garlic oregano and blackening spices served on a bed of mixed greens and chopped Romaine lettuce tossed with avocado, mixed cheese, diced tomato, red onion, cilantro and crisp tostados - All drizzled with avocado vinaigrette and Chipotle cream.

Simply a rich yummy salad that will refresh your soul.

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

2. Southwest Potato Twister:

This great appetizer is made up of spiral sliced potatoes, deep fried until golden, topped with spicy Quesco cheese sauce, shredded Men Terry Cheese, fresh Pico De Gallo & generously drizzled with Sour Cream Sauce.

It's good for sharing with your family or friends. .. you must try it.

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

3. Cheddar Cheese Nachos:

Cheddar Cheese Nachos appetizer is made up of cheddar cheese on crisp corn tortilla chips, topped with Jalapeno slices and accompanied by Pico De Gallo, Guacamole an Sour Cream.

This dish is light and yummy especially with the presence of the dipping mixture.

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

4. Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta:

This main dish consists of Shrimp, Chicken And Fettuccine with a Cajun-Alfredo Kick! Juicy Shrimp and Chicken are perfectly seasoned and sautéed with red bell pepper, then tossed with Fettuccine and creamy Cajun-Alfredo sauce. Topped with freshly shaved Parmesan Cheese And Gree.

Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta is just our addiction, the flavor is heaven!

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

5. Fridays Fried Shrimps:

For shrimp lovers, this dish consists of Juicy Plump Shrimp, hand battered and fried crisp. Served with Tartar Sauce, Crispy Seasoned Fries and Chefs Vegetables.

It is so yummy especially with the tartar sauce.

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

5 TGI Fridays Delicious Dishes

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