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The Seventies Chicken Majbous

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Did you try the Chicken Majbous of The Seventies restaurant before?

Majbous is a popular Kuwaiti dish and one of the most delicious as well, and we are one of the Majbous lovers whether with meat or with chicken.

Lately, we decided to order Chicken Majbous from The Seventies restaurant and since there are several branches, we called Jabriya branch that is close to us.

They said our order will arrive within an hour and actually arrived on time as expected.

As you can see in the photos below, you receive your order in a carton, the Majbous in aluminium pack and Dakkous and other additions in small round plastic packs.

The size of The Seventies Chicken Majbous is big and you may not even finish it all at a time.

As for the additions, we asked for Dakkous red tomato sauce but you can choose other available additions.

As for the taste, Majbous everywhere tastes alike somehow but what matters is that the Majbous we ordered was really delicious, clean, fresh and a meal you can really enjoy.

The price of The Seventies restaurant Chicken Majbous is KD 2.250

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The Seventies Chicken Majbous


The Seventies Chicken Majbous


The Seventies Chicken Majbous


The Seventies Chicken Majbous


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