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Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake

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Are you a fan of Chinese food and looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Kuwait? Here’s our experience at Lobster Lake restaurant that we recommend you try.

At first, we planned to visit Hawally branch but the lady there told us that there is a problem with the Air Conditioner so we took the menu and decided to go to Salmiya branch that is located opposite Holiday Inn Hotel.

Lobster Lake Salmiya branch is a very small branch like the one in Hawally as well and the parking spaces are very few.

Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


The restaurant from inside consists of 4 tables and 2 private cabins. All tables are for two except one round table that is ok for 5 or 6 persons.

The lighting is dim and the decor is so nostalgic whereby the style of tables and other details are old and classic unlike modern restaurants we see now.

We asked the waiter about the branch and he told us that it opened over 14 years ago.

If you remember the restaurants style in the eighties and nineties, you will know what we are talking about.

Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


After choosing our table and taking a look around, we went through the menu but felt so confused because the menu is more than 20 pages and we weren’t able to make up our mind about what to choose.

Their menu is really interesting and has dishes with meat, chicken, seafood, in addition to some Indian and Thai dishes as well.

Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


Finally, we chose Hot and Sour soup, Chicken Noodle soup, Special soup with meat, chicken and seafood, Vegetables Spring Rolls, Golden Fried Shrimps, Chicken in Garlic sauce, Beef Sauteed Soya, Vegetables Fried rice and Mushroom Cashew Noodles.

And before serving us the dishes, they served us yummy crispy chips with Jalapeno and a black sauce that looks like soya sauce but is so sharp and spicy.

Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


We started with the soup, then the appetizers and then the main dishes.

Note that their portions are good and aren’t considered small.












Actually, our dinner was great and all our choices were very delicious and the service was very good.

Chinese Dinner at Lobster Lake


When you think of Chinese food, let Lobster Lake be your choice without hesitating, they have a very rich menu with many options.

The restaurant has a delivery service and we also realized while we were there that many people came and took their orders as takeaway.

Lobster Lake Salmiya branch opens from 11:30 am till 1 am during the weekdays and till 2 am on weekends, Thursday and Friday.

Salmiya branch number is 25713072 and 25713073

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