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Great Lunch at Sabah Wu Masa Lebanese restaurant

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During our first visit to Murouj, it was hard to decide where to have lunch since there is a variety of good restaurants there but we finally chose the Lebanese restaurant Sabah Wu Masa.

To begin with, the staff welcomed us in a very friendly way and their customer service was excellent and this is a very important point that lets you feel comfortable there.

And since the weather was so nice, we decided to sit and have lunch in the outdoor section.

From the menu, we chose Tabbouleh, Kibbe Niyye, Meat Sambousek, Potato Harra, Hummus with meat, mixed grills and Kharouf Mehchi.

Among all dishes, we noticed that the Kibbe Niyye raw meat is served in a big portion in Sabah Wu Masa compared to the portions served in other Lebanese restaurants.

As for all the other dishes, the taste and presentation were great but our favorite was the mixed grills that were so tasty whereby you feel like the meat is melting in your mouth.

And with lunch, they serve hot fresh Lebanese bread and change the bread basket from time to time.

After we were done with lunch, it started raining so we left but others who were still eating transferred indoors.

This was our first visit to Sabah Wu Masa and we are willing to visit the restaurant again. We recommend giving Sabah Wu Masa a try and you'll enjoy it for sure.

Below are the photos of our great lunch at Sabah Wu Masa.















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