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Original Falafel from Just Falafel

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If you love Falafel, we advise you to try Just Falafel restaurant that serves all kinds of Falafel with different flavors from all around the world.

We ordered the Original Falafel lately from Just Falafel Salmiya branch and it was really good.

The Original Falafel consists of Tortilla bread, Falafel, tomatoes, parsley, mint, cucumber pickles, turnip pickles and Tahina and its size is big.

The price of the Original Falafel sandwich is 500 Fils and the meal is KD 1 and note that the meal includes french fries and a drink.

As for the branch, the service was very slow because there was only one person in charge but even so, the guy was so friendly and prepared the meals in a good and neat way.





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