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10 things that a first-time pregnant mom worries about

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Pregnancy always carries a lot of worries especially for first-time pregnant moms that have no idea what is going on and what they are expecting and worries differ from one person to another. Also, some worries appear at certain months only and some last throughout the pregnancy.

Here are some things that a first-time pregnant mom worries about:

1. Will I have a miscarriage since it’s my first pregnancy?

2. Will I have a baby boy or a girl?

3. Will the baby look like me or like his father?

4. How many kilos will I gain during my pregnancy?

5. Does my husband think I still look pretty?

6. Will our love decrease after having the baby?

7. How can I get rid of all those stretch marks?

8. Will I have a normal delivery or a C-section?

9. When should I start preparing my baby things?

10. Why is the baby not kicking, God I’m frightened!

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