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Part time maid working for KD 5 Per hour?!

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Few days back, I called a Filipino lady after seeing her post on one of the expat websites in Kuwait.

She is searching for a part time job in the evening and on weekends as a house maid and a babysitter.


As for her main job, she is a nurse assistant in one of the hospitals and she needs to get an extra income in her free time.

Till this point, everything seems ok…

She asked about the transport then I said I will pay it so that is not something to worry about then she was like: “I take KD 5 per hour; that is what an American family was paying me when I worked for them in Salmiya”.

Now, can anyone explain how this is possible?

So if you ask her to come 4 hours every day with KD 5 per hour, that is a total of KD 20 per day and a total of KD 600 per month, the salary of 5 Filipino maids living with you at home!

That was really a funny joke that made me laugh hard. This lady is living in wonderland. She wants to get KD 600 from a house cleaning part time job and she said that if not, she can’t come.

On the other hand, companies that send temporary maids to your house take between KD 10 and KD 15 for every 5 hours of work.

If there is anyone who is actually paying that lady the amount she set, she should be a millionaire by now (in Peso).

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