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How to fry Sambousek without absorbing oil

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Sambousek usually absorb a lot of oil when we fry them but there is an easy way to fry sambousek without allowing them to be very oily.

After preparing the sambousek, keep them in the freezer until they freeze and then make the frying oil hot.

While waiting for the oil to become hot, prepare a bowl of liquid milk and a small plate containing flour. At first, put the sambousek in the liquid milk and then coat them with flour.

Then fry the sambousek and when they are done, sifter them in a plate with thick tissues that will help absorb the remaining oil.

At the end, you will get fresh crispy dry sambousek that you can enjoy with your family.

Sambousek - shebayemenifood.com
Sambousek - shebayemenifood.com


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