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Are blogs in Kuwait still effective?

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When I first came to Kuwait back in 2011, blogs were very popular and effective to the extent that I became addicted to some blogs and they were the first thing I check every morning.

After four years, I don’t really think that blogs are still a big deal although some of them are really interesting.

And lately, some blogs in Kuwait shutdown and some did the same in the past few years. Are bloggers in Kuwait desperate or did they just get bored of following up everything without getting the needed interaction?

I guess social media caused this change whereby people are now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and some other social apps and no one is really still interested in opening a blog because he can easily find all the updates he needs on social media.

And as I realized, the only blog that is still effective is 248am blog that is owned by the Lebanese guy Mark whereby after every post, people interact a lot and some posts get more than a hundred comments unlike other blogs.

As for Rinnoo, many people think that it’s a blog but actually, it’s not just so. Even if we share some personal experiences with our visitors, the main idea of Rinnoo website is a detailed directory that helps you get information about places in Kuwait and other countries.

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