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10 Things you should know about dealing with your newborn baby

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10 Things you should know about dealing with your newborn baby

If you are a mom for the first time and have no idea about dealing with your newborn baby, here are some things we will point out based on our personal experience.

Note that a newborn baby is new to the world and everything around him or her is strange and coping may be hard sometimes.

1. During the first month, the baby sleeps a lot especially during the day time but at night, forget about having a deep sleep.

2. A newborn baby feels hungry every two hours and sometimes, the baby may drink milk intermittently.

3. A newborn baby needs between 30 and 60 ml or cc of milk to feel satisfied.

4. Breastfeeding is not easy whereby the baby finds it difficult to hold on to the nipple and prefers a bottle nipple so you may need to pump your milk out.

5. Some people say that swaddling the baby makes him or her cry less and swaddling is good for the baby's body but swaddling is not necessary, it is optional.

6. The umbilical stump falls off between 10 and 15 days after birth and till then, you should always clean it with alcohol pads at least four or five times a day.

7. The first time you give your baby a bath, expect him or her to scream and cry a lot but later on the baby will love taking a bath and calm down after every bath and sometimes go into a deep sleep. In case your baby continued to cry during every bath, the water may be too cold or too hot or you may be holding the baby in a wrong way.

8. Don't leave you baby's pad for more than 6 hours without changing and if the baby poops, change it immediately and wash before you put the new pad to keep your baby fresh and comfortable.

9. Always apply baby lotion to your baby's body and baby oil to your baby's hair and face to keep your baby's skin moisturized. Also, always apply pad cream to avoid pad rashes.

10. The main reasons for the baby to cry during the first month include feeling hungry, the pad is full, feeling too hot or feeling too cold and sometimes, the baby cries just because he or she wants to be carried and pampered so don't ignore your baby and give him or her the warmth and care needed.

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