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Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

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Packing and moving from one house to the other isn't an easy mission so when we decided to pack few weeks back, we decided to call Pack and Move to make things easier for us and fortunately, we made the right choice.

At first, we called their number 1840400 and asked about their service and the cost and so on and after getting enough information, we booked an appointment.

The questions they ask you on the phone include your old address and your new address and the floor number of both houses and the price depends on these factors.

As for our case, the price we were given was 65 KD for every full truck that is for example, if your furniture didn't go all at once and they had to go back to get the rest for a second time, you pay 130 KD.

The price varies depending on your floor number whereby living on the first floor is not the same like being on the fifth floor and the price we were given is actually for high floors.

As for wrapping, the cost depends on your furniture and the quantity of things you are willing to wrap so with Pack and Move, everyone has his own different case.

During the day of packing, Pack and Move team arrived on time and they were dressed in a costume and the team included 6 people.

Some started carrying things down to the truck while the others were loosening the beds, cupboards and some other furniture.

They moved everything gently and with a lot of care and when we got to the new house, they fixed everything and kept them in place without causing any harm to the walls or to the furniture.

We thank Pack and Move for their professional and good job and we thank them for their quality work.

Our experience was quite good so we really recommend trying Pack and Move if you are willing to Pack.

Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

Our experience with "Pack and Move" company

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