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8 steps to roll Stuffed Grape Leaves "Warak Enab" Properly

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Stuffed Grape Leaves or what is known as "Warak Enab" among Arabs is considered a cold appetizer and sometimes a hot main dish depending on the way it is prepared.

The cold appetizer "Warak Enab" is usually the one stuffed with rice and vegetables and the hot main dish "Warak Enab" is the one prepared with rice and meat stuffed in it.

In the photo below, the way of rolling "Warak Enab" or Stuffed Grape Leaves is shown in 8 clear steps.

Note that rolling "Warak Enab" is not easy and it needs lot of time and energy to do it.

Try the cold appetizer vegetable "Warak Enab" with lemon and try the hot meat "Warak Enab" with cold yogurt, the taste is irresistible.

8 steps to roll Stuffed Grape Leaves "Warak Enab" Properly

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    Stuffed Grape Leaves is my addiction

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